Gapw function

What is the gapw function ?

     1) The "gapw" function can transform data using the method of gap-weighting up to a maximum resolution of 65,000 states. The effects of resolution in phylogenetic analysis are discussed in the litterature, this function can automatically transform the data set by several number of states, that is to say several resolutions. All matrices are generated in nexus or tnt format, and can be run with PAUP and TNT.
     2) A tcl/tk interface has been created to facilitate the use of the function. You don't need to know R language to perform it.
     3) The "gapw" function also generates random data sets of both continuous and discrete characters. Various parameters can be controlled (e.g., the number of states, the occurrence probabilities of each state)

The function has been developed by Jérémie Bardin (
UMR 7207 - CR2P. Équipe 1 : Paléobiodiversité des lignées et communautés animales et végétales.